Monday, April 26, 2010


Welcome to my blog! Before I begin posting regular blogs I wanted to explain real quickly about why I decided to start this blog. As it says in the description, I was a Catholic for 18 years. My curiosity, about God, Led me to do some research into the church's history and into the scripture itself. What I found along with classes I have been taking on other religion, led me to become an Atheist.

I have been reading Atheist blogs for some time now and I feel that one of the more frequent arguments Christians post as comments on the blogs involve something like this "You Atheists know nothing about the faith. Why don't you actually read the Bible before you decide to criticize it?” These statements of ignorance are what anger me the most. So as an Atheist with a thorough understanding of the faith, I decided to write this blog to let you in a few secrets I found out about the church.

I have read more Christian scripture then you even know exists, I have a good understanding about other religions, I know both sides of the argument like the back of my hand, and this is why I am here to tell you that On The 8th Day, God Died!

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